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Launch Preparation

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Medical Affairs

Team Meeting

Medical Affairs Operations

Business Presentation

Commercial Readiness



Effective medical affairs execution requires strong scientific and medical expertise, and excellent communication.


We translate complex medical information into clear and concise messages for specific and nuanced audiences to compliantly optimize your program.

Supporting the strategic and operational activities for effective and compliant functioning of the medical affairs department.


We facilitate the exchange of knowledge between internal and external stakeholders and help ensure the safe and appropriate use of medical products.

The commercial readiness of a drug is a significant milestone requiring substantial investment, collaboration, and adherence to stringent quality standards.


We have the experience to help your commercial organization prepare for an effective launch.

Anti-infective development requires specific knowledge of infectious disease, microbiology, and antibiotic stewardship.


We provide the expertise to execute your clinical microbiology strategy, therefore, to optimizing antibiotic differentiation strategies.

  • Scientific Platform, Lexicon, Core Decks

  • Advisory Boards

  • Training

  • Insights Synthesis and Educational Gap Analysis

  • KOL identification and engagement planning

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Build

  • IIR Platform and Portal

  • Medical information call center set up

  • Budget and vendor management

  • Develop SOPs and policies

  • Market Research and Pricing

  • Brand Name and Identity

  • Ad Agency Support and Management

  • Tactical Plans

  • Claims and Message Documents

  • Packaging and Supply Chain

  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) development

  • Management of Surveillance studies

  • Breakpoint support

  • Regulatory document drafting

  • Launch support

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